Monday, October 19, 2015

Bottle Art

Best compliment Ever !!!

While doing rough sketch , my little one drag my paper and wrote 100 dollars and first place ..I was about to scream ,thinking he'll scribble but ended up smiling luv (
actually i am the one who was scribbling :) )I asked him the reason,he said ma you got first place and questioned me without price how all buy from you ma ?.Touched by this and thought to give life to that drawing .

                                             Bottle Art


                                Compliment  Rough Draw

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Clay Diya

karthiga deepam is a festival of lights.This festival involves the lighting of lamps in the homes, temples and the workplace.The idea behind this festival is to keep away bad things from life and welcome the good and holy things of life.Lamps lit with oil are a symbol of holiness in Indian culture.we lit the lamps in and around our house and also decorate it in rangoli.
                          I usually use aluminium foil to make a lamp where i cannot keep more in numbers this time i tried my hands in airdryclay for making deepam .you know what ,it came out also withstand the heat .Hope you all like it ...

Air Dry Clay Diya 

Diya Lightened Up