Friday, June 10, 2011

Fabric painting

My next post is again one more fabric painting.I never met a person who does'nt luv rose.Rose is used in medicines ,perfumes ,etc.,For many of artist ,it is favoured subject in art.Roses appear in portraits,illustration etc.,Hope every one of us touched rose in their subject in any form.Here i've done fabric painting on Rose.

Fabric painting on cloth using fevicryl colours

Close-up view

Wall Decor (Online Courtesy)


  1. very beautiful. the colour and shading is great

  2. looks so real with its shades.

  3. Nice blog, with g8 ideas, loved the collection of paintings, good work.

  4. Wahh very beautiful. love it. your all works are superb.following you now and it would be lovely if you follow back.
    stay blessed.