Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space for you

This post just for you.One of my friend asked me whether i can post her art work in my blog...then had an idea of starting a column just for you all,who really searching for a space to bring your hidden talents...might be painting ,designing dresses,your DIY's,your special Home decorated by you.
             Come on here ,Varnam having a place for you to showcase your talents.just mail me with details and photograph at saheli94@gmail.com



  1. Hi dear... I am a continuous follower of you. i really appreciate your efforts making people to make their creations. i do crafts and i showcase them at http://acolorfulbuterfly-riya.blogspot.com
    if you like it please hit follow dear.. :) after your reply i will surely send you my creations which ever you like :) thank you dear

  2. thanx riya ...will chat with you soon.

  3. http://kukiesbasket.blogspot.in/p/shareaway_02.html

  4. will check this out Devika(kukiesbasket)

  5. Saheli: How nice of you to offer to showcase the work or others. Space For You would be a nice name for your feature. I will send something, and I will highlight your work in my next Spot-On-Art feature. I do enjoy seeing your work. Will let you know when, probably in next 2 weeks or so.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. My mosaic-crafting friend, the one who inspired my safety post, has finished rehab and is doing better.

  6. thanx sandi..waiting for the day...

    1. Hi Shobana: I have a piece of papercrafting that I'd like to have featured in your showcase. I will try to email you with info. Hope you're doing well.