Monday, November 19, 2012

Old is Gold

Hi friends,it's been a long gap in Blogging,was busy enjoying vacation in india .Just Came to say hi .I saw some of my old paintings in my native , thought of posting here .Before showcase my new work,want to thank one of our fellow -blogger SandyHolland for featuring my work in her Blog .It'll be available there for a month on her Homepage in rightside corner.
              Here comes some of my old collections,tried when i started my venture in art.Though these are my Bud work ,reminds always my precious.
            First one is Decoupage made in a waste PVC pipe.This can be used as flowervase,corner interior piece

Decoupaged PVC pipe into Corner stand Vs FlowerVase

Next comes a pot painting ,I tried to give porcelain look to ordinary terracota pot with acrylics .  
Pot Painting  

Next one is an embossed painting and a normal canvas painting .Hope you all like it...