Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fabric painting

Here comes my next project,which is a fabric painting of cute little girl.Here i should thank my teacher who taught all the techniques in fabric painting.If you like this painting ,the credit goes to her.After this i did little more in fabric,still this one is my favourite ,being first one.We can use this painting in dress ,wall piece in girl's room.If we add a letter to it ,might be the initial of girl,will be a best personalised gift .

I did this painting using fevicryl fabric paints in cotton fabric.The technique i used here is wetshading.

Monday, April 25, 2011

ceramic mural

This is my first mural.It is pretty much close to my heart.This painting depicts a lovely village scene with two ladies carrying pot.This is a common basic scene ,we can see in villages.

This is a closure view of the ceramic can clearly view the embossed effect in skirt foldings,hut, etc.,

I tried to give minute details in skirt ,cow ,tree and hut.

Home Decor

My inspiration

Before starting ,thought of saying few words on my friends,who inspired me to start this blog with a hope that they won't mind using their names,Mainly Rachana saurabh,a good friend and a fellow blogger.she's is a talented artist ,who give life to her creation with her paint and palatte.I'm a regular follower of her work .she add life to the eyes of her potrait.she's the one who create an urge to start this blog and who pass me an award (before i start a blog) .thanks rachana.hope you'll be with me in everysteps i take.

Secondly i thank to all my fellow bloggers,among their blogs ,some i follow regularly.hope will soon reach your blogs too while surfing for new blogs and my friends, who always appreciate and guide me in my work.
Thanks to my family ,who always supports me in every steps i take.


Starting the journey after seeking blessing from my baba.Sai baba ! Be with us always ...
"Om shri sai nathaya namaha","Om ganesha".