Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tie and dye

Tie-dye is a modern term coined in the mid-1960s in the United States for a set of ancient resist-dyeing techniques, and for the products of these processes. The process of tie-dye typically consists of folding, twisting, pleating, or crumpling fabric or a garment and binding with string or rubber bands, followed by application of dye(s). The manipulations of the fabric prior to application of dye are called resists, as they partially or completely prevent the applied dye from coloring the fabric. More sophisticated tie-dyes involve additional steps, including an initial application of dye prior to the resist, multiple sequential dye and resist steps, and the use of other types of resists (stitching, stencils) and discharge.
I tried my hands in tie and dye simply using fabric paints.i used crystal salt and folding technique to achieve these results.Hope you all like it ....

Crystal salt technique 
( turned to a heart)

Diagonal fan folding technique

rolled technique 

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  1. So simple and fun, Shobana!
    I especially love the crystal salt heart that appeared!

    1. thanx dia... crystal heart was my fav part too

  2. I've never done any tie dying but it sure was popular a while back. Your colors are so pretty. I love the way that one turned into a heart. I have a friend who finds hearts in everything: rocks, clouds, etc.

  3. Pretty! tie & dye is really interesting :)

  4. So pretty. How cute it has turned into a heart.