Friday, June 22, 2012

Kitchen Wall Decor

For  Kitchen Wall Decor,always seen fruits and vegetables poster .Somehow we fill our kitchen with those paintings, tiles or posters.I always had a thought of making WallArt using facts which i mostly search in kitchen .I listed some of the facts below:
            1.Measurement - Use to google always for Conversion
            2.Recipes of most wanted dishes 
            3.Groceries tracking sheet or Post-It or Chalk Board
            4.Some important nutrient items always i forget to take regularly

 Here comes my wall decor with my list as base using the things which will get easily at home .

Pencil Shading Work done for Measurement Chart 

Simple Drawing

Fruit Theme Letter Pad Framed


Hanged in my Kitchen

                                                           Wall Decor

Hope you enjoyed my work...thought of adding strength to Kitchen Decor ,posting some pictures from Online

Plates in Decor

                                                Chalk Board painted in Dining Area

FlowerVase Hanged on Wall

Chalk Board and Post-It

Mineature Cup and Saucer


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Space for you

This post just for you.One of my friend asked me whether i can post her art work in my blog...then had an idea of starting a column just for you all,who really searching for a space to bring your hidden talents...might be painting ,designing dresses,your DIY's,your special Home decorated by you.
             Come on here ,Varnam having a place for you to showcase your talents.just mail me with details and photograph at


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mood Board For Interior

I am a silent admirer of colours ...Like to go out for a walk, watching colours in all the things around me, nature,buildings,painting ,accessiories,interiors ,etc.,.Better to say ,not going out for walk ,it's going in things. I always present my painting as a wall piece decor ,not to just showcase my paint ,show how the colors of my piece and the interior wall blend well together.This influenced me in creating mood boards.While browsing ,i saw a site for mood boards by olioboard,got hooked  and end up with this creations.hope you'll like it
            While checking updates from my bloglist,i came across some beautiful mood boards in cherishing spaces by Mrs.Vasudha...check her's too,you'll luv it.

Art Room with my Own Creations


living room

  • patio