Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mood Board For Interior

I am a silent admirer of colours ...Like to go out for a walk, watching colours in all the things around me, nature,buildings,painting ,accessiories,interiors ,etc.,.Better to say ,not going out for walk ,it's going in ...in things. I always present my painting as a wall piece decor ,not to just showcase my paint ,show how the colors of my piece and the interior wall blend well together.This influenced me in creating mood boards.While browsing ,i saw a site for mood boards by olioboard,got hooked  and end up with this creations.hope you'll like it
            While checking updates from my bloglist,i came across some beautiful mood boards in cherishing spaces by Mrs.Vasudha...check her's too,you'll luv it.

Art Room with my Own Creations


living room

  • patio


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  2. thanx sujata...overwhelmed by your comments