Saturday, October 1, 2011


it's been a long time posting my works here.My inlaws are here,just got busy with some stuffs.So not getting enought time to complete my paintings.Meanwhile i did some jwelleries ,that took lesser time to complete.Check this and give your valuable comments.
Turquoise Bead Jwellery

my page on jwellery...chk this to see more of my works

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pearl Set

This is my next post and my second trial on jwellery.Thought of making 2 layered pearl set ,this is what the outcome ...Hope you like it.check more in future on my face book page.To know about future updates on my page ,Like my page on face book

Monday, August 8, 2011

Like my new page on Face Book

Hi friends ...with all your support ,hav created a new face book page on jwellery making .Visit my new page and provide me your valuable support in future endeavours.Thanks for all your loving support.Below links are my pages in facebook.Check and give your valuable comments.If you like my page ,click like button on the respective page.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colours in Accessories

Ohhh...little late in posting new post,thought to comeup with something new that i never tried.This is my first ever try in jwellery making,a traditional pearl set and bead set to go well with sarees and salwar ,learnt on my own.The pendant in the pearl chain was actually a spacer .But in the process ,suddenly had an idea to use it as pendant with dropper.Hope the outcome is good.Secondly the pendant in red bead chain is also hand made by me.Have a look and expecting same support from you all.

pearl chain with earring and bracelet

Close-up View

Glass Bead Necklace with Hand Made Pendant

Close-Up View

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pencil Drawing

I'm just recalling the way i drew this drawing with a smile on my face.My base material ,a small paper from one of my old note book lying on my kitchen bed.I'm in end of my cooking...have to switch off my gas after one complete boiling of my gravy.Gravy was boiling in the pan(hope you all listening that bubbling sound...blah..blah).Meanwhile just took the pencil and drew this potrait which i saw in some calender ,within 5 to 10 min,but liked the outcome,so preserved it.Thought to share with you all...


Thursday, July 14, 2011

yeahhhhhh...!!!My Third Award.

This week again had a surprise from one of our blogger friend Lekha Justin.You know what....My third award!!!.I'm pretty thrilled.thank you so much Lekha...

Never miss to visit Lekha's blog .

She is having a lovely blog with awsome post in quilling.Surely you'll have a visual treat...

The rules of accepting this award is back to the person ,who gave you this award...pass this award ,atleast for five bloggers...hav to state 7 facts about here goes...

1.My family and my kid...lovable darlings...ofcourse best criticizer's too :)
2.luv icecreams.....mmm...yummy....use to eat daily reduced conscious
3.luv photography...not in pose...photographer ...ofcourse my husband(i won't leave ,until i'm satisfied with the picture :))
4.luv to travel and do shopping. and craft,passion to me.i can sit for hours continuously for paintings.
6.Always thoughts going on my mind,hav to do something..will acheive for sure.
7.You can see me in gym and swimming pool hard for my goal.Hope to acheive soon...
yeah.....list there on and on....

I'm passing this award to five creative bloggers...
Visit them...will have a visual treat for sure...welcome them .

    Sunday, July 10, 2011

    Greeting Cards

    Whenever i saw some greeting cards,had an urge to create one for myself.Result of my urge is here.First one is Warli greeting card,Second one is madhupani greeting card and the last is simple cut work style.As this is my first experience,i thought of using simple constructive paper for don't know the outcome.The end result ,i left to your give your valuable comments for this.
    Warli Style Hand Made Card

    Madhupani Style Hand Made Card

    Cut Work Style Card

    Thursday, July 7, 2011

    Kreativ Blogger - Second cum First Award after Blogging.

    I'm excited !!!

    This is my second award ,but first one after started blogging .thanks to Anandhirajan for passing this award to me.Go and visit her blog and have a visual treat.She is having interesting post ...inspire her...congrajulate her...Welcome her.

    I luv to pass on this award to all my friends who supported and motivated me by their lovely comments and supports.

    Wednesday, July 6, 2011

    Acrylic painting - Panihari

    My next post is one of my old painting.This is a painting done using Acrylics.Somehow this painting is close to my heart,might be because of their smile .Hope you too like this....

    Acrylic on Canvas - Panihari

    Close - up view

    Home Decor

    Friday, June 24, 2011

    Kalamkari Peacock

    My next post is kalamkari style peacock.Hope you all remember my old post kalamkari style swan.By seeing the swan,i received a request from my friend to make a kalamkari style peacock today morning.So i drew this today afternoon with little hurry.Hope the outcome is adjustable.

    Kalamkari peacock on paper using marker pen

    Closer - View

    Home Decor

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011

    Warli painting

    400 yrs old Tribal Art Form Warli art originated in Thane Dist. of maharashtra, western part of India, in a village also know by the name Warli. It is situated near Dhanau.

    Warli on Construction Paper using Marker Pen and Acrylic

    Predominately white color is used on a red earthen background.
    This art is a 2 dimensional, with no perspective or proportion. Warli painting is simple and linear with the maximum use of triangular shapes. As the universal energy YIN/YANG; concept having the upward facing triangle representing the Male and the downward facing triangle representing the Woman.

    Warli on HandMadeEnvelope using MarkerPen

    The trademark of Warli paintings is the use of other geometric designs such as circles, squares, dots and crooked lines are used to depict human figures, animal figures, houses, crops etc. It also represent fertility as the tribal belief revolve around the cycle of Birth and Death. No wedding takes place without the drawing of "mother Goddess" in the front portion of the Bride's house. Usually the paintings are done by married women.
    The Warli paintings essentially depict the basic principals of life which are main theme or basis of any tribe.

    Note:it's very economical and kids friendly project.

    Thursday, June 16, 2011

    Kids craft

    My next post is a easy and simple kids craft project with Marker pen.If we help our kids by guiding in outline,then rest is just filling inside the outline.I want to show earlier sun rise in this work,so depicted both the dance couples in red shade.It gives the look as if the rays on sun falls on both of them.

    Sunrise painting using marker pen and constructive paper

    Sun rise

    Home Decor(online courtesy)

    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Flower Making

    My next post is Duplex Flower Making.Duplex paper is two sheets of paper or cardcover that are laminated together. sometimes this is done to increase weight / thickness, other times it's to incorporate another color on the reverse side which gives better look to the flower we make.Here again i went with Rose in flower making.

    Rose flower in Duplex Sheet

    This is a pictorial and Video representation of the Rose flower tutorial.

    Materials needed:

    1. Duplex sheet -Rose colour and Green colour.
    2. Bind wire.
    3. Fevicol
    4. Green Tape.
    5. Thread.
    6. Pollens.

    Sunday, June 12, 2011

    Pencil Drawing

    My next post is a pencil drawing of kalamkari style Swan.It is full of intricate line work which enhance the beauty of swan and makes the drawing more attractive.Drawing the outline with small division is a major source here,other thing is just filling the divisions with small lines with our creative imagination.I enjoyed working this swan.

    Pencil Drawing of Swan

    Home Decor(Online courtesy )

    Friday, June 10, 2011

    Fabric painting

    My next post is again one more fabric painting.I never met a person who does'nt luv rose.Rose is used in medicines ,perfumes ,etc.,For many of artist ,it is favoured subject in art.Roses appear in portraits,illustration etc.,Hope every one of us touched rose in their subject in any form.Here i've done fabric painting on Rose.

    Fabric painting on cloth using fevicryl colours

    Close-up view

    Wall Decor (Online Courtesy)

    Tuesday, May 31, 2011

    Creations -The Essence of Arts Give away

    As the name suggest ,the blog CreationS - The Essence of Art is full of creativity with unique style of art by Mrs.Rachana saurabh .She created her own style in her painting with vibrant colours.The eyes in her paintings explains everything .She create the Art ,what her heart sees and feels .Some of her works here for your Visual treat.

    Image credit for all paintings featured here to Mrs.Rachana Saurabh

    I am happy to wish her for completing first year in Blogging.She announced a Give away on her blog's birthday.The give away is PRINT of her favourite painting,which is my favourite too
    This is how you enter the ‘Give away’..

    1. If you like what you see, become a follower of her blog (Creations -essence of art)(on the sidebar) and leave her a comment.
    2. If you are already a follower, simply leave her a comment.
    3. For a second chance, please announce the giveaway on your blog and leave her another comment.
    4. This will also help other people join in the ‘give away’.
    5. If you are a non blogger, please leave her your email address in her comment…
    6. If her work inspired you to create something, leave her a comment and send her an e-mail of your work.
    And remember, this ‘Giveaway’ is open to all readers worldwide…
    The winner will be announced on 13th of June 2011…

    From June 1st Some of her blogger friends will participate this celebration with their guest post.
    They will share something about them and some creative Ideas..
    Don't forget to check their post too..
    To find more of her paintings and to join the Give away Click Here .

    Thursday, May 26, 2011

    Blog Designing

    I'm very glad to say that today i designed new blog for my friend.One of my orkut friend Mr.Ramesh krish ,ask me to design his blog.He is a self -learnt artist.He mastered in all forms of paintings on his own interest .His works will surely give a new look and soothness to the room .I posted some of his works in the blog designed by me .There are more paintings to be posted there.So keep watching his blog for Ramesh krish works.
    Some of his works for your visual treat

    Image credit for all paintings featured here to Mr.RameshKrish

    My Thanks for Mr.Ramesh krish for giving this oppurtunity to Design a blog

    You can visit his blog to see his collection of paintings by just clicking this Button Click Here .

    Make Over

    My next post is a make over for my kitchen gadget.I had some old acrylic paints and brushes to be trashed.There was little paints in there.So i thought to just give a Make Over for my knife stand.

    Knife stand before Make Over

    Knife stand after Make Over

    Monday, May 23, 2011

    Rocking the floor.

    I did this crayon pencil sketch within 20 mins,I was thinking about wishing Mrs.Rachana saurabh for her completion of one year in blogging.This picture came to my mind.So i thought to take an oppurtunity to wish all fellow bloggers who completed their first year.In this picture i depicted the lady as blog and she rocks the blog world with her beautiful steppings.I just dedicate this work to Rachana and all fellow bloggers, who already completed their first year and other bud bloggers who will soon reach their first year.

    Crayon sketching in paper

    Pencil Work hanged in the Dance Hall
    (Online Courtesy)

    Home Decor(Online courtesy)

    Sunday, May 8, 2011

    Pencil shading

    This is a pencil shading of some flower bouquets.Flowers are always a best choice to draw.We have a different vareity of flowers to paint.

    Water colour pencil on catridge paper

    When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her child.
    Happy mother's day

    Home Decor

    Saturday, May 7, 2011

    Clay mural

    Next project is clay mural.I usually do the mural using ceramic dough,here in U.S.,i did'nt get the ceramic,so tried using airdryclay.Thought of opting polimerclay,but to avoid baking ,tried my hand in airdryclay.Hope you'll like it.

    Clay mural using airdryclay and acrylics on canvas

    Sunday, May 1, 2011

    Rajasthani painting

    My next painting is a rajasthani painting, lady with lotus.I was little hurry to finish this painting.Hope it came out well.I added pearl and kundan jwellery for the painting.I added the tiny drops on her earring .

    Acrylics on canvas