Monday, May 23, 2011

Rocking the floor.

I did this crayon pencil sketch within 20 mins,I was thinking about wishing Mrs.Rachana saurabh for her completion of one year in blogging.This picture came to my mind.So i thought to take an oppurtunity to wish all fellow bloggers who completed their first year.In this picture i depicted the lady as blog and she rocks the blog world with her beautiful steppings.I just dedicate this work to Rachana and all fellow bloggers, who already completed their first year and other bud bloggers who will soon reach their first year.

Crayon sketching in paper

Pencil Work hanged in the Dance Hall
(Online Courtesy)

Home Decor(Online courtesy)


  1. Thats cute.. thanks dear..
    so good to see your progress...

    I have planned a give-away on first b'day of creations, do participate there, and dont forget to check my blog on 29 May.

    -Rachana Saurabh

  2. Thats a lovely 20-min painting...

  3. thanx rachana,emreen and neha