Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blog Designing

I'm very glad to say that today i designed new blog for my friend.One of my orkut friend Mr.Ramesh krish ,ask me to design his blog.He is a self -learnt artist.He mastered in all forms of paintings on his own interest .His works will surely give a new look and soothness to the room .I posted some of his works in the blog designed by me .There are more paintings to be posted there.So keep watching his blog for Ramesh krish works.
Some of his works for your visual treat

Image credit for all paintings featured here to Mr.RameshKrish

My Thanks for Mr.Ramesh krish for giving this oppurtunity to Design a blog

You can visit his blog to see his collection of paintings by just clicking this Button Click Here .

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  1. superb paintings. Your Blog is very nice and colourful too with wonderful paintings with good expressions and they are so lively. Thanks for sharing shobana.