Thursday, June 16, 2011

Kids craft

My next post is a easy and simple kids craft project with Marker pen.If we help our kids by guiding in outline,then rest is just filling inside the outline.I want to show earlier sun rise in this work,so depicted both the dance couples in red shade.It gives the look as if the rays on sun falls on both of them.

Sunrise painting using marker pen and constructive paper

Sun rise

Home Decor(online courtesy)


  1. Shobana - Thank you for visiting Aabharan :) you have a lovely space here. Love your creativity.

  2. Hi Shobana:

    Thanks for commenting on my recent Spot On Art feature about "Deep Cradled Painting." I like this art project that you share. It's simple, but very attractive, and I think fun to do. I think art should be fun and uninhibited.

    I like your blog header design and title because I love color too.

    If you want to exchange links, Google Friend Connect me and I will return the favor.

  3. Glad to have find you...a creative Genius!!!
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  4. thanx sandi and lipsy for ur lovable comments.

  5. this looks really nice and it is very simple as well. i will also ask my son to try thisout.

  6. Stunning! Nice that you showed the room and how fabulous it goes with it

  7. thnx sonia and shillu for ur lovely comments.