Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pencil Drawing

My next post is a pencil drawing of kalamkari style Swan.It is full of intricate line work which enhance the beauty of swan and makes the drawing more attractive.Drawing the outline with small division is a major source here,other thing is just filling the divisions with small lines with our creative imagination.I enjoyed working this swan.

Pencil Drawing of Swan

Home Decor(Online courtesy )


  1. I too love kalamkari designs for the intricate works and the beauty. I remember having a calendar of kalamkari works but it had some colours here and there. But i was too young to know its value. Liked the swan very much.

  2. Thanx Mira.I did this work in leisure in small notepaper ,but the outcome was kept for rememberence.Planning to do one with colours .will post after completion.

  3. hi,
    this is very neat and sophosticated. so simple and yet so complex. hats off!!!!!