Monday, November 19, 2012

Old is Gold

Hi friends,it's been a long gap in Blogging,was busy enjoying vacation in india .Just Came to say hi .I saw some of my old paintings in my native , thought of posting here .Before showcase my new work,want to thank one of our fellow -blogger SandyHolland for featuring my work in her Blog .It'll be available there for a month on her Homepage in rightside corner.
              Here comes some of my old collections,tried when i started my venture in art.Though these are my Bud work ,reminds always my precious.
            First one is Decoupage made in a waste PVC pipe.This can be used as flowervase,corner interior piece

Decoupaged PVC pipe into Corner stand Vs FlowerVase

Next comes a pot painting ,I tried to give porcelain look to ordinary terracota pot with acrylics .  
Pot Painting  

Next one is an embossed painting and a normal canvas painting .Hope you all like it...



  1. Wlecome back shobana. Hope you had a great time. Nice to see your works. beautiful.

    Mira’s Talent Gallery

  2. Beautiful, blue pot, Shobana. Striking, stylized simplicity. So happy to feature you at my indie marketing blog.

  3. The decoupage is too good.
    The pot looks so typical like a Moroccan pot and the paints are well absorbed giving it a beautiful glazy look !!
    Admire your talent friend !!

  4. Liked the decoupage and the pot painting works very much.

  5. Keep this going please, great job!
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  6. Wow..all your arts are the idea of decoupage on PVC pipe...following you.

  7. WoW.. Its superb dear.. that too your flower vase is mind blowing.. It just swept me.. You are such a fine artist.. I am feeling happy and great to follow your blog.

    I request you to visit my blog and please follow/like it if you like my works there.. thanks a lot..

  8. thnx riya ..will check your blog for sure

  9. The vase is stunning, what a good idea!
    I've also painted terra cotta pots at to see these early pieces.