Thursday, July 14, 2011

yeahhhhhh...!!!My Third Award.

This week again had a surprise from one of our blogger friend Lekha Justin.You know what....My third award!!!.I'm pretty thrilled.thank you so much Lekha...

Never miss to visit Lekha's blog .

She is having a lovely blog with awsome post in quilling.Surely you'll have a visual treat...

The rules of accepting this award is back to the person ,who gave you this award...pass this award ,atleast for five bloggers...hav to state 7 facts about here goes...

1.My family and my kid...lovable darlings...ofcourse best criticizer's too :)
2.luv icecreams.....mmm...yummy....use to eat daily reduced conscious
3.luv photography...not in pose...photographer ...ofcourse my husband(i won't leave ,until i'm satisfied with the picture :))
4.luv to travel and do shopping. and craft,passion to me.i can sit for hours continuously for paintings.
6.Always thoughts going on my mind,hav to do something..will acheive for sure.
7.You can see me in gym and swimming pool hard for my goal.Hope to acheive soon...
yeah.....list there on and on....

I'm passing this award to five creative bloggers...
Visit them...will have a visual treat for sure...welcome them .


    1. Thank You dear so much for passing this award to me. I am honored.
      Just give me some time to post it on my blog. I will post it surely in a weeks time

    2. Hey.. Thank you so much for passing this award to me..! I am honored..! I glad to see your work, and enjoying all that updates..! I am happy, you truly made me proud that I have inspired someone to be creative..!
      Take care.

    3. Congrats dear...nd thank u so much..